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I dunno...anyone wanna chat over notes or something ?

Send me a hi or anything and I'll respond
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Yooooo dudes and dudettes!

For those of you who have been keeping a track of my FreakZ series (Yes thats right, all 3 of you), Im currently 50 % done with the first two Before the FLash Shorts, and about 30% done with chapter 1 of the actual series :D

But before I get those out, theres something I wish to ask :D

Im looking for an artist who would be willing to give me a bit of a hand. 

You see, to better go with the story, Im hoping for someone who would be willing to create a logo for the FreakZ, so that I may use it with each chapter I post! Not only that, but as you can see, all I have as references for the characters are gaia sprites, which unfortunately, does not exactly get the job at the same time, Im looking for someone who would be willing to help me by drawing references of my characters so that readers will have a good look at who's exactly going to de-I mean SAVE our world :D

So yeah, if youre interested, message me and we can talk things out :D

And to go along with that, theres a hot new rp forum on that just started up!!! For those of you who love the spooky and supernatural and an abundance of mischevious faeries and monsters, then come on down to STONERIDGE!!!!…
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While surfing through my stash and computer folders, I came across a bunch of old OCs who's projects I either never got around to doing, or just gave up upon.

So I got to thinkin: I could still use some of them, but for what?

And thats when I came up wiht the idea for the Beat Rats!

The backstory is still a work in progress, but it goes more or less like this:

In the not so distant future of New Wave City, crime has risen in lower city areas as gangs are suddenly gaining odd weapons and equipment and even supernatural powers that the police just cant keep up with. Whats to note is that these gangs had already come up with a name for them.


Named for the unusual trend that what sounds like a musical note will play when activated, the users of these odd powers have been called Note Players. While some have begun to use their Notes for more morally acceptable reasons, such as protecting their own members or the people living in their turfs, others have abused these powers to the highest extent, looting, killing, and generally causing all around destruction and chaos, causing them to clash with one another constantly, with normal people being caught in the middle. Thus, the streets are ruled by fear.

As this war between right and wrong continues to escalate, with the casualties rising both physically and emotionally, one group has decided enough is enough and that if the police arent gonna help, then theyre gonna do this themselves.


With their own Notes, of course.

Meet the Beat Rats, a team of crazy, fun loving, free running, music playing psychopaths from all walks of life. What brings them together, aside from their quirky antics and penchant for massive property damage, is a single fact:

Unlike most other Note Players who recently gained their powers, the Beat Rats have had them since childhood, all awakening at the same time.

For the most part, they remained neutral, trying to stay out of the conflict and just keep their small family alive, but when one of their own gets hurt in the crossfire, its time for the Beat Rats to choose a side and start bashing some skulls.

Now to introduce some of the Beat Rat Characters :D

Z-Mack: Full name Zachary Mackenzie Lee, the self-titled Leader of the Beat Rats is a guy who finds fun in almost eveyrthing, wanting to live life with no boundaries and limits to hold him back. He often tries to make jokes out of every situation, though most of his jokes tend to fall flat, or just make the situation worse. His Note is an Internal Type, called "Thunder Child" which turns him into a walking electromagnet, who is able to shoot electricity from every part of his body, and even change himself into pure electrical energy for short periods of time. When his Note is not active, it takes the form of his Note Sprite, named "Wattz" an electric yellow bee-girl who's just as exciteable, if not more, than Z-Mack.

Fix: Full name unknown. The son of Korean-born archeologists, Fix is actually from the first-class sector of New Wave, though for a reason most cannot figure out, he prefers the lower areas. Longtime friends with Z-Mack, who supposedly saved him from a group of bullies, Fix is his right-hand man and sometimes conscience in most matters, his more calm and reserved nature able to keep Z-Mack's more headstrong and impulsive nature from getting them into more trouble. That doesnt mean he isnt crazy in his own right. Taking a path different from his parents, Fix loves to build and repair things from whatever he can find, able to make a colorful variety of creative and destructive weapons and tools. He's best friends with Lottie, though its obvious theres an attraction between him and the spritely girl. His Note is an External Type, called "Master Builder" in which a special second layer of lenses appear over his goggles, allowing him to see every possible combination possible with a select group of items and the ways in which he can combine them into tools on the spot, allowing him to make weapons within mere minutes. It also allows him to see what makes up most machines and how to take them apart as well as hack into computers. When not active, his Note Sprite is named "Digitz"  a sentient AI who enjoys pulling pranks upon Fix whenever he tries to work on his laptop or a new project.

Lottie: Full name Liselotte Lavenant, this adorable young girl is the only member of the Beat Rats to not have a Note, and is also the youngest member at the start. She has been Fix's best friend since childhood, the two being next door neighbors for literally their whole lives, with only a gap of a few inches separating their windows. Born to parents who constantly argued, Lottie often had sleepless nights as a child, and would often sneak into Fix's room at night to cuddle with him, able to fall asleep whenever he was with her, a nightly ritual that continues even to this day, the two so used to it that they feel uncomfortable if the other isnt there with them as they sleep. Unlike the more reserved Fix, Lottie is a literal ball of excitement and energy, the definition of the word crazy with actions and mannerisms that have no sense or reason behind them, with her childish personality at almost a psychotic degree. However, in spite of all this, she does know when to tone it down, especially when its Fix who asks her to do so. She loves Fix more than anything else in the world, but is sadly unable to because of her own fears that he may not feel the same, unaware that Fix has similar insecurities and feelings. Shes usually the one who tests Fix's new inventions and seems oddly self aware of the fact that someone is controlling the world.

FLOW: Real name and Identity unknown. FLOW is the top DJ of New Wave City, and his underground radio show has all the news as they happen. No one is sure what he really looks like, due to his constant habit of wearing gas masks. He seems to know all the going ons in New Wave, from shady dealings to the stock market, and no one is sure how. Its heavily implied he's a Note Player, but as for what Note he has, no one knows.

Faye Morgan: A mysterious young woman who shows an interest in the Beat Rats and their escapades. She comes and goes as she pleases and seems to have a connection to every gang. Often heralded by her ghostly giggle, she observes every battle with avid amusement. No one is sure if shes a Note Player, and even more are confused by her somewhat vampiric appearance.

DJ: Full name: Derek Joseph Lee. Z's older brother and the former leader of the original Beat Rats, currently deceased. He is often described as being a sort of older brother to everyone and was well respected amongst all the gangs, regardless of alliance. He was considered the mediator for most conflicts in the lower city areas, often being the one people came to to settle things. As such, his death is a constant topic amongst the leaders as no one is sure who exactly would want to kill a man who literally had everyone's best interest in mind. Z idolizes DJ and tries to keep the group together in his honor.

Andre: One of the original members of the Beat Rats, he left the group after the death of his best friend DJ. Since then, he runs a music shop near Z's apartment, and Z often comes to him for advice. Apathetic and cynical, Andre doesnt let much faze him, and is often high, even when on the job, if just to "not have to deal with everyone's bullshit." Its to be noted that, when DJ was still alive, Andre was much more cheerful and outgoing, and his death may have caused this new bitter outlook on the world.

And thats all for now! :D There will be more to come!
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Marcus Flores
United States
Im more of a writer than an artist really....sadly I dont have any real drawing talent...

I love Rpin and Im always open for a chat yo!

Current Residence: Selden
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